Hooker Harness STC Kit

The Hooker Harness STC Kit is a fixed anchor shoulder harness system that fits most strut-braced high wing Cessna aircraft. The STC Kit includes a double shoulder harness, a double adjustable seat belt, complete installation instructions, all necessary installation hardware, and requisite STC paperwork. The system is available in your choice of any of our 2 colors.

The STC Kit can be installed without removing the wings, and without drilling holes through the outer skin. The system is installed through a hole in the headliner. The supplied reinforcing angle bracket is used as a drilling template. Installation time can be as little as sixty to ninety minutes with the headliner removed, or approximately three hours with the headliner in place.

Required Tools for Installation:
1. Angle head 3/8 drill
2. Drill bits (#30 & 3/8)
3. Short reamer .510
4. Cherry rivet gun or a Good pop rivet tool